Unique Arabic Tattoos

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Sometimes it’s hard to think of the best word or phrase that will be both meaningful to you and accurate in Arabic.

We have gathered a few ideas that can make great Arabic tattoos.

Arabic tattoos of single words can be a great way to convey an idea you closely relate to.

Ideas for Arabic Tattoos


Love – one of the most popular Arabic tattoos is of the word love. A powerful concept by itself, this tattoo is also simple and elegant. This Arabic word is pronounced “Khoob”, where the “kh” is a guttural sound like a hard H.

Another single-word idea for an Arabic tattoo would be the word Grace. It can symbolise 2 kinds of grace: one is human grace which can relate to the tattoo wearer’s past experiences and have a personal meaning, while the other is the grace of God.


One more option that is also used in many Arabic tattoos is the word “warrior”. This is mostly used by men, as this word refers to a male warrior. It can be used in many contexts: “warrior in the war of existence”, “warrior of peace” and many more.

If you have been checking out what other people are getting for their Arabic tattoo, you have probably come across Angelina Jolie’s Arabic tattoo, that says “Determination”. Unlike many celebs that wear tattoos with mistakes, Angelina’s is correct and is another great idea for a one-word tattoo.

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