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Searching the web for an Arabic tattoo idea or a translation and design?
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arabic-tattoo-cherylYou get –

  • Accurate translations of Arabic words and phrases
  • Huge selection of fonts and designs
  • Tattoo translation verification
  • Free outline version of your designs with every order

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We offer the best Arabic tattoo designs eBook around, with over 300 options for your tattoo, as well as an accurate, fast and friendly translation service, and even friendlier prices.

Free with every order –

  • 4 different fonts for your Arabic tattoo from our font and design catalogue
  • Outline for your tattoo artist
  • Fast and friendly service – your translation and design will be ready within 72-96 hours, or even earlier!
    arabic tattoo designA little about us –

    Our tattoo design eBook as well as your personal tattoo phrase or word translation are translated by a native Arabic speaker with a profound knowledge of both English and Arabic languages.

    With every translation order you will receive our advice on how well your phrase translates into Arabic, and if your phrase requires adjustments, alternatives will be offered to you and we will explain the differences between them – so you know that you are getting the Arabic tattoo you want!

    Remember –

    • Arabic is not an easy language. Each word can have many different meanings and too often tattoos simply don’t have their intended meaning.
    • If you do not have Arabic installed on your computer, chances are your word processor will flip the order of the letters and make your Arabic tattoo meaningless altogether, and you will not even know it!
    • Most Arabic tattoo meaning or spelling mistakes cannot be fixed by re-doing the tattoo. Fixing the mistake would only be possible after a very expensive laser tattoo removal treatment. So why make a painful mistake? With us you will get your Arabic tattoo right the first time!

    You will love our personal service and accurate results

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    Customer Testimonials –

      • C.I. from the US – “The service you provided was extremely prompt and I have to thank you for helping me design the perfect tattoo. I absolutely love it.”
      • C.D. from the UK “Brilliant website with varied designs to give your tattoo a different spin. Made me feel confident my translation is correct and now have a tattoo i love. Would recommend to a friend.”
      • S.F. from the UK – “I’ll definitely make sure the tattoo parlour I’m going to knows about you so they can recommend you, I am so impressed with your service, thank you so much for your efficiency and prompt replies.”
      • A.C. from the US -“Thank you so much! I love my tattoo. Thank you for answering all my questions so quickly!”